In creative industries, too much structure can stifle innovation and growth. Knowing this, many media entrepreneurs launch their businesses with a low capital base, minimal processes, and a flat management structure.
At launch, this gives you an advantage. However, with scaleup comes complexity. You will have more people, more projects, and more change. Your time will be stretched; it will be harder to focus, and you may struggle to run a stable business. This is when governance becomes necessary.
In this must-read report for information, media and events entrepreneurs, we share the five simple steps to embed governance in your business. You will learn:
  • Why you should form a board to balance your business
  • What to look for in a chairperson
  • The must-dos for your chairperson and NEDs
  • Why a meeting cadence is key as your business scales
  • How to maximise your board and grow your people.