Who we are

Independent advisers
Our advice is built on decades of experience advising but also running businesses like yours.
Deeply rooted in the media industry
We're sector specialists and have a deep understanding of what drives value.
Custodians of a community
We're passionate about supporting innovators who are driving our industry forwards.

What drives us?

Our mission is to create value, and change lives.

We have witnessed companies leaving value on the table as they strive to grow. This is even more pronounced when selling or raising capital. We’ve learned the hard way. We started Collingwood to change that.

Since 2006, we’ve helped companies to focus on what matters, only the things that move the needle.

We bring our independence and our integrity, and deliver advice that is simple and to the point. But always combined with sincere empathy. Building a business is hard.

Our promise is to give you the tools to transform your business, and your life.

Meet the team

Andy Baker

Practice Lead, Business Information

Simon Bathula

Associate Adviser, Business Information

Piers Bearne


Jessica Bradley

Marketing Manager

Julian Graves


Fergus Gregory

Practice Lead, Digital Media

Rosalind Hill

Principal Adviser, Product & Insights; Head of Content

Michele Maccarelli

Associate Adviser, Digital Media

Daniel Pitchford

Chief Executive Officer

Lauren Pulling

Head of Insights

Patrick Reichle

Associate Adviser, Corporate Finance

Natacha Roberts

Finance Director

Adam Shaw

Global Managing Director, Corporate Finance

Daniel Schwarz

Director, Corporate Finance

Amy Sheridan

Business Operations Manager

Jordan Sheridan

Associate Adviser, Events

Steve Smith

Practice Lead, Events

Jenefer Thoroughgood

Chief Product & Insights Officer

The Media Entrepreneur Meetup

The Media Entrepreneur Meetup

We’ve been the custodians of the Media Entrepreneur Meetup for many years because of our long-standing commitment to the industry. It’s a free, valuable community for founders like you that creates a network for you to share and learn from each other.

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