We knew we wanted to scale but it’s difficult to do when you’re on your own, too often working ‘in’ and not ‘on’ the business.

Merry Eisner, Co-Founder and COO, RTO Insider
It's hard to make long-term, strategic decisions when your focus is on day-to-day challenges and opportunities. But the decisions you make - or don't make - as a leader of a media business today will impact your company's growth: its future profitability, resilience, and value.
However, time and again we see media entrepreneurs end up with a portfolio of underdeveloped products, rather than one of market-leading products with truly maximised value.
When you work in your business rather than on your business, it's impossible to have the right kind of focus to drive value in the areas that matter most.
When you don't take that step back, founders and entrepreneurs risk:
  • Losing customers and market share
  • Misaligned value propositions
  • Weakening brand value or reputation
  • Sales hitting a glass ceiling
  • Losing good people
  • Being too busy, too often
  • Missing or misjudging opportunities
  • Burning out
  • Business failure.

Who is this resource for?

Collingwood's Scaleup Toolkit is designed for B2B information, media and events entrepreneurs looking to scale their businesses by breaking free of the day-to-day and building real value in their companies.

What will you learn?

  • The five foundations of successful scaleups
  • Troubleshooting common scaleup problems
  • How to leverage scaleup stakeholders
  • Components of great business planning
  • How to make the three-year value leap.