A survey of 115 B2B media, information and events businesses - carried out by Collingwood in January 2024 - has shed light on the myriad approaches to generative AI in B2B media. While many survey respondents acknowledge the potential impact of AI, they also admit to feeling somewhat behind in their responses.  
The report, "AI Response Benchmarking - Opportunities and challenges for independent media, information and events businesses in 2024", is designed to help founders and CEOs navigate the exciting world of AI and formulate an approach to leverage its possibilities.  

Why should you download it?

  • Unlock the potential of AI: The report dives into how AI can benefit your business, from content creation to audience engagement
  • Stay ahead of the curve: See how your peers are approaching AI and discover actionable steps you can take to keep pace
  • Impress investors: Learn what investors are looking for in a media business prepared for the AI revolution.
The report also reveals the extent to which AI is being used for common activity, the biggest perceived challenges and opportunities it poses, and the types of AI-enabled developments media firms are making.
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