We want to equip you with a winning B2B content strategy, so we’ve brought together two award-winning speakers who are leaders in their field and have been fundamental to the development of market-leading subscription businesses.
Cat Griffiths, Editor, The Lawyer (part of Centaur), and Alastair McLellan, Editor, Health Service Journal (part of Wilmington) are ahead of the game when it comes to B2B media content. They join Business Information Practice Lead, Andy Baker to give you tangible advice on:

Content Strategies & Formats

  • The Future of B2B Subscriptions: We explore how content propositions are evolving in the subscription space. Is everything becoming "intelligence" now?
  • Data-Driven Content Decisions: Discover how leading companies use engagement metrics to inform content mix and format.

Product & Development

  • The B2B Editor in a Product-Driven World: We explore the changing role of the B2B editor in a landscape dominated by product managers. Learn how B2B editors can leverage market relationships to inform product development.
  • Staying Close to Your Audience: Discover strategies for staying connected with your readers and identifying underserved needs.
  • AI & the Future of Content: We discuss the potential benefits and applications of AI in content creation and data analysis.

Building High-Performing Teams

  • Leadership Skills for the Modern Editor: Learn how to lead and motivate your team effectively while avoiding burnout.
  • Unlocking Team Potential: We explore strategies for CEOs and founders to maximise the value of their editorial teams. Discover what KPIs truly motivate content creators and how to build a successful team.
  • The Evolving Editorial Skillset: We discuss the changing skillset required for success in B2B content creation. Can journalism graduates thrive in today's data-driven landscape? Are B2B content creators journalists or analysts?
  • The Impact of Remote Work: Explore the impact of remote work on journalist team culture and collaboration strategies.
Gain valuable insights to create a winning B2B content strategy for the future!
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